Latest update: 26th Dec 2013 | Information on The Neet cat's 2D library added!
最新アップデート: 2013/12/26 | 「ひきこもり猫の二次元図書館」公開!

About Kuroneko Labs | 黒猫研究所について
Kuroneko Labs is an independent software developer based in Kyoto, Japan, with a focus on Doing Interesting Things With Technology.
Here are some of the things we've done so far.

Comiket 85 | コミケ85
Kuroneko Labs will be at Comiket 85 with our new software "The NEET cat's 2D library", as well as our previous title "Glass Arrow". We'll be at table す-16b on day 3 (Tuesday)!
コミケ85に参加します!前作の「Glass Arrow」と供に新作の「ひきこもり猫の二次元図書館」も配布予定です。 スペースは三日目(火)の「すー16b」です。
The NEET cat's 2D library | ひきこもり猫の二次元図書館
Releasing at Comic Market 85 (Winter 2013), "The NEET cat's 2D library" is a cataloguing application for doujinshi, doujinsoft and related goods.

For more details, check out the Neko-NEET site.


Glass Arrow

A lone girl enveloped in a surreal dreamscape. Scattered fragments that must be reunited. And for each tangled puzzle, an arrow straight and true.

Glass Arrow is a unique 3D puzzle action game in which you must use arrows and ropes to pull, swing, tip and drag parts of each of puzzle as you attempt to bring the critical "OOParts" together.

Glass Arrow was released at Comic Market 81 for Windows and MacOS X.

Glass Arrowはロープと矢を操りながら、引っぱる、繋ぐ、振り回す動作で、ステージをクリアする独特なパズルアクションゲームです。

WindowsとMacOS X対応で、コミックマーケット81でリリースされました。

Update patch | アプデートパッチ
Many apologies to users with the V1.00 release (Comiket 81 version) of Glass Arrow running on Windows, as this version was released with a bug where saved game data and preferences were stored in an incorrect location, causing progress to be lost under some circumstances. The patch below updates the game to V1.01, which resolves this problem.


Download: Glass Arrow V1.00 -> V1.01 patch

If you should encounter any other problems with the game, please don't hesitate to email us.

Contact us | 連絡先
If you would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to e-mail with any questions or comments.

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